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Does Your World Seem a Little 'Upside Down'?

Could You Possibly Be Isolating Due to Grief?

Believe It or Not . . . You Could Be!

Grief is normally understood as something one experiences from a loss of a living thing.

However, it is quite clear that the word can be a description of what one is feeling regarding numerous Life events.

Even Dictionary lists such synonyms as: sorrow, misery, sadness, anguish, pain, distress, agony, torment, affliction, suffering, heartache, heartbreak, broken-heartedness, heaviness of heart, woe, desolation, despondency, dejection, despair, angst, mortification;

mourning, mournfulness, bereavement, lamentation, lament; remorse, regret and pining or just the 'flat out blues'.

Now that the drudge of grief is, obviously, something that we each experience on so many different levels, what are we to do?!

R U Tired of Hiding in Grief? R U Tired of Suffering in Silence?

R U Tired of Not Finding the Support Needed for Self or Others?

R U Grieving a Major Loss(es) in Life?

Loss of Childhood Innocence . . .

Loss of a Child . . .

Loss of a Sibling . . .

Loss of a Close Relative . . .

Loss of a Close Friend . . .

Loss of a Partner . . .

Loss of a Home . . .

Possibly Loss of or a Compromise to Mental, Physical and/or Spiritual Health?       

The Loss represented such a big part of us for so long, that now we ponder what will remain of us once we FINALLY admit it and decide to do something about it?

" It's Time. "


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