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Hope 4 U Ministries is a Non-Denominational,


Multifaceted Ministry, focused on providing the


Motivation and Resources to help move you


Toward Betterment TODAY.

         We provide motivation, through the Hope 4 U Message, the Hope 4 U Message Bracelet and referring you to Tried-and-True Resources

         of integrity that exist today, to help you begin reaching for your very best not tomorrow . . . but today.


         The Hope 4 U Message was established in 2010 and now today many are realizing, through movements like #METOO and #HIMTOO,

         that a 1-2-3 approach of support for mental wellness is much needed, most welcomed and long overdue.

         We are here to help you build a sustainable support system to reach your wellness goals. Here are 2 Souls who have been instrumental

          in our growth. Their wisdom may have some gold nuggets for you, as well. #METOO #HIMTOO

         If we may assist you today in making the positive changes in your Life needed to become the BEST you can be, click here to fill out our                 contact form and we will respond by email with resources that are available to you in your specific area of need.


         May you be blessed and remember.....


We Are . . . Better Together

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