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Dear Soul,


Having enjoyed performing Hospice Care since 1986, volumes have been learnt along the way, predominately in the fields of Alzheimer's.

In the birth family alone, care has been needed for specific forms of Dementia, for both parents and thus far, two faring well in Assisted Living and one moving soon into Memory Care.

Through my experience, there are 2 main, daily concerns: the level of care your loved one is receiving and the often ignored or put off...your own Self-Care. 


Too many do not make the effort to deeply research what care is available, to discern what will be best for their loved one, therefore, we include on our Resource page.

And most are not aware of the energy required to perform long-term care, exhausting before they know it. Thus, please, read information concerning Self-Care, as well,

All of our Resources are 'tried and true' and we are honored to have them onboard to increase our ability to assist you in making BEST decisions on your journey.

If we can be of further assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address below concerning your or your loved ones' need for additional referral.

Hope 4 U Ministries

Post Office Box 42

Indian Rocks Beach,

FL 33785

P S On a side note...

One of our brothers, mentioned above, wears and distributes daily, at his facility, our 1-of-a-kind, hand-made Hope 4 U Message bracelets and our signature, stress-relieving 'CALM 2-GO' essential oil blend vial.

He has found the Message, of great encouragement personally, and a comfortable way to introduce himself, blessing others with more engaging conversation.

If you or your loved ones would like to be blessed by having our Hope 4 U Bracelet and 'CALM 2-GO' oil, please let us know!

We are consistently honored to expand our mission, to help minimize stress and increase joy, as we journey together during these most challenging times.

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