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Emboss the Hope 4 U Message On Ur Heart

And Share the Message With Others

We're All in This Together


We Are...Ukraine STRONG!

The Hope 4 U Message reveals itself through our 1-of-A-Kind Bracelet that is Individually Hand-Crocheted by the Nepal Artisans of Lily and Laura Bracelets

The Hope 4 U Message comes to Life through Its Design and the Presence of 3 Different, Brilliant Colors:

Black, Pink-Lavender and Gold

    The Black beads represent the darker times: Our heartaches, losses, failures –

that come with Life and to that which none of us are immune. These losses blindside us and can reap long-term negative or positive results. We encourage others to take a first step to minimize the negative effects of the darker times, whittling them down to very narrow paths, like the thin, black beads – to simply

a reminder that through our trials, we CAN become the very BEST we can be.

    The 3 Pink-Lavender beads are in the form of a Heart - reminding us that we

all have an eternal flame of Love built within us, gaining and sustaining our strength through a core truth that begins and ends with Love. The color pink-lavender of healing and the placement of the Heart in-between the dark line

is to assure us that Love was, is and always will be present – even in the midst

of the darkest of times.

    The Gold beads, crocheted into the form of a triangle, represent Equality and Brilliance – that in which each of us was created and deserve! It reminds us that

we don’t need to settle for less than BEST in any area of our lives. We are daily encouraged, through the Hope 4 U Bracelet Message to: admit limitations one

may have; become proactive in obtaining whichever help we need to grow; and enjoy the Life filled with Brilliance that is available to each and every one of us.

It's About the Message...Pass It On!

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